Hay day beginner guide and learn how to earn more money?

Hay day is one of the best game in the Play Store and App Store. Those players who know about clash of clans also knows about Hay day too because both game gas been developed by Supercell itself. Hay day is still the best game among all casual farming games. Basics of this game are so simple, but this game is really so enjoyable.

Gameplay and tips for Hay day

The game when you start to play, you will have an empty land. In that procedure, player has to do harvesting and harvest seeds to grow so many things which are similar to a real farm. Just imagine you have a farm and you have to design it yourself and modify it as you want. As the player plays the game, they will realize that money is also a major issue in-game. Use money on useable things and sell waste things from your farm. These things will increase your experience points.

Maintain important crops

A player can sell their harvested crops any time they want, but the main thing is to remember is selling is really worth. In the long term earning, keeping harvested crops are more useful than selling so early. Don’t ever sell your all crops because if you do, you eventually make yourself do more efforts but results will be the same.

Use the working time of day and rest time of night

As I said, do smart work not hard work if you are trying to grow crops. Always grow slow-growing crops in the night and working hour of the day. This is how you will consume your time is the right way.