Battle Land Royale game – catch air drops


Another fast paced game has been launched for the player who likes to player battle game that is Battle Land Royale game. The player can fuel action and fun with this differently designed game. What is nice thing about Battle Land Royale game is so simple with simple machines and combat is also simple one. Battle land Royale game is fast speed, so player can pass through the matches in few minute and sort time span. But still the player may get assisted with the Battle Land Royale Hack as well if the player is neophyte and not aware about the game.

Why to shield up?

Before start fighting the game, player should make sure that he has armor in his hand. Armor because, helps the player to live linger for a long time. To protect player’s health, armor is very important. Armor can be found as well as weapons and health kits time to time in the Battle Land Royale game. That’s why the player should always be in search for the blue shield shaped power ups for making the level up in the game and protect himself by this shield when enemy hits the player with something.

Catch air drops from support plane

The player of the Battle Land Royale game should also try to catch the air drops which are very helpful when playing because there is a support plane which circle overhead of the player to support. Air drops are deployed in the play area which the player stands near to in order to unlock health items, armor and other things such as weapons and use Battle Land Royale Hack if it does work.

Keep in the mind the damage

Player of Battle Land Royale game should also keep an eye and keep in mind the damage that is happening to the player because some number will tick off as per the damage happen.